I know I am not alone in this statement.


I am certain when I was born into this world that god (whoever he or she might be) 
had absolutely
I repeat aabsolutely NO intention(s) of me ever meeting with such a dry "subject."

Now you are probably wondering what are the Fundamental Accounting Principles ????

I can gladly assure you….. I F*(%!ng DON’T KNOW!!!

Miraculously graded over 84% on my first quiz I can only give thanks to the infamous acronym (only know to the accounting world) ALCREW

I can only “pray” REID will pull me through tomorrows 9am midterm.

To answer the question you are now asking yourself…… YES A SATURDAY MORNING MIDTERM.

Saturday morning midterms only exist in the
Boring, Dull & Dry
world of accounting….. or so I have concluded on my mission to find all reasons to hate one “subject” with a strong passion.

[Excuse my poor sentence structure, grammar and banter!]


Now if only I could exert some of my focus and determination into studying this “subject” rather than hating it!


Donations will be accepted in any form containing any alcohol content over 5%.

Heritage Classic

Well today is THE DAY!!

That is for hockey lovers of course!


Our very own Calgary Flames are hosting the equally lovely Montreal Canadiens.
The game tonight will be the NHL’s sixth regular season outdoor game.

The official game time temperature is -8.6 C.
Meaning that the C of RED is one brave crowd!

It may NOT really be that important to keep your room clean.

However it is a preventative measure for non-infectious infections.

Remember a can of Lysol, a good assistant (My recommendation is a sister if you have one) & you almost have a 0% chance of infection.

One last thing left to do… do not, I repeat DO NOT, leave your bubble

I am not.

Today I am sure I drank more than the recommended dose of caffeine.

I love you world.